Monday, 7 January 2013


Yes, Happy New Year 2013! 

We have all started our New Year with one thing in mind - the pulverization of our mountains. Yes, we are surrounded by giants and nations that seem far greater and more powerful than us, but in the midst of it all we have a PROMISE from God and that's all that we need to stand on. Remember when Joshua was to go in and take possession of His land? What was the one thing that God instructed him over and over? DO NOT FEAR!

What an interesting day I've had today ! The enemy of our souls is so laugable and predictable.This is the day that I would receive the largest amount in check todate ( a 7 figure amount) and the enemy tried to delay me in banking it in time today for clearance into my bank account by tomorrow afternoon. It was close but my cashier orders made it by the 3:30 pm regulatory time. Also my mountain of financial bondage and control tried to rear their ugly heads but pleased to report that nothing can stand in the way of what is legally mine !NYET!!!

Now on to the pulverization of the mountains of debt, poverty, financial bondage and control in my life in 2013 & beyond!!!! All praise & glory to God in the highest !!!

Am definitely agreeing with Kim Clement's prophetic declarations for 2013 -

Swiftly, no delays,acceleration and ludicrous speed for God's warriors in 2013!!!

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